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Sheffield Energy Performance Certificate FAQs

What is an EPC?

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. The EPC shows how energy efficient a property is. The result is displayed in a chart similar to those found on new fridges and freezers. The higher the score the more energy efficient the property meaning you will pay less for your heating, lighting and hot water.

Why have an EPC?

The EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is a legally required document when a domestic or commercial property is being sold or let. Solicitors will not complete on a property transaction unless an EPC can be provided. Local Trading Standards are responsible for the enforcement of the requirement. There is a fine for not supplying an EPC when requested. The fine will be greater than the cost of the EPC.

How is the EPC created?

A survey of the property by the Energy Assessor (or Home Inspector) will reveal details relating to construction methods and insulation levels within the property. The efficiency of the heating system within the property is assessed as is the type of glazing, number of low energy lights and whether any renewable energy sources are present.

Who provides the EPC?

Furniss Property Instructions Ltd is an energy assessor or home inspector in Sheffield who can provide both domestic energy surveys and commercial energy surveys (for both domestic or commercial properties) as we are an Accredited Energy Assessor. Only Accredited Energy Assessors are allowed to lodge the EPC on the Government’s central database.

How long is the EPC valid for?

Energy Performance Certificates are valid for 10 years from the date of issue. If you are renting your property then you do not require a new EPC at every tennacy change. A new EPC is recommended if there is a material change to the property, for example the addition of an extension, or an attic conversion.

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